Origin of Bimbache

Bimbache Vinícola was born out of obligation. The obligation we felt every time we thought about the quality and originality of its varietals, or when we observed its soils, its different altitudes, we believed that it was really necessary for someone to take on the challenge of making wines in the most isolated and smallest island of the Canary Islands.

The island

"When you grow up on an island, what matters is your posture in front of the sea."
Roddy Doyle

White 2019

Red 2019

Grand Calvary Cross

John Stone


Bimbache Vineyards

We work with our own vineyards, and with vine growers who take care of their plots in our own way. The Bimbache project is still small, although we do not want to grow too much, because on an island with 10,000 inhabitants a large winery seems ridiculous and unsustainable.