History of Bimbache Vinícola

Origin of Bimbache

Bimbache Vinícola was born out of obligation. The obligation we felt every time we thought about the quality and originality of its varietals, or when we observed its soils, its different altitudes, we believed that it was really necessary for someone to take on the challenge of making wines in the most isolated and smallest island of the Canary Islands, and challenges are not entrusted to others.

History of Bimbache

Its wine history is very
old, although it sounds like
novelty, the vineyard and wine
in El Hierro is centuries old.


So, after fooling banks, friends and family, we got down to work in 2018. Bimbache is a small and modest winery , but with everything you need in the northern part of the island.

Pablo Matallana at the controls
of oenology. Esaú Suarez and Silvia Viot in viticulture with Rayco Fernández trying not to falter in the management of Bimbache.